About the IAC Forum

The IAC Forum Student and Alumni website provides a convenient way for all current and past IAC program participants to communicate and share ideas with each other. This website also serves as the central location for recruiters and those companies seeking IAC energy experts to connect with current students and alumni.

The Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) is a Department of Energy Program that has been training energy experts for the last 30 years. However, the IAC is more than an energy program; it is also a workforce development program that serves to fulfill the majority of the spectrum for a new energy workforce. Through partnerships with 26 universities across the nation, the IAC produces a steady stream of outstanding energy-savvy engineers ready for careers including project engineering and management, product research and development, energy consulting and engineering services, energy-related design and construction, training and outreach, and energy policy. Employers of IAC graduates also cover the full-spectrum of the energy industry, including: utilities, ESCOs, product manufacturers, NGO's, consulting and construction firms, educational institutions and research organizations.

Map of participating schools