Improving productivity, reducing waste, and saving energy at manufacturing plants can go a long way to boosting competitiveness of the nation's small- and medium-sized manufacturers. The Energy Department's Advanced Manufacturing Office Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) initiative helps manufacturers identify energy-efficiency upgrade opportunities through technical assistance provided by local university engineering departments and students. For years, IACs throughout the country have trained the next-generation of energy savvy engineers, more than 60% of whom pursue energy-related careers after graduation.

To recognize IAC students, past and present, who have made significant impacts through their work in energy efficiency, as well as for their outstanding accomplishments in promoting practices and principles of energy engineering, the Advanced Manufacturing Office is pleased to announce the winners of the first IAC Outstanding Student and Distinguished Alumni awards.

These energy service professionals have demonstrated exceptional ability as engineers and advanced energy efficiency in the small- and medium-sized manufacturing community. This year's winners are:


Outstanding IAC Engineering Student Awardee


Outstanding IAC Engineering Student Awardee

  • Chad Dunkel (Boise State University) Outstanding IAC Engineering Student Awardee: Chad has been with the IAC program since 2012 when he performed Boise State’s first IAC visit. Since joining the IAC team as a junior student in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, he has played all almost roles within industrial assessment teams several times over.  As a senior design project, Chad was part of team looking into the possible conversion of existing campus steam plant into co-generation system and also lead an independent study to quantify energy savings associated with switching from regular V-belt to cogged V belts with small motors. Chad is a student at the University of Idaho.


Outstanding IAC Engineering Student Awardees

  • Trevor Terrill (Texas A&M University): Trevor has participated on nearly 20 assessments – acting as lead student on more than a quarter of these – and also served as a mentor to five separate design teams consisting of more than 40 students from seven different engineering disciplines that were researching options for automating elements of IAC assessments. In 2014, he was selected to receive an IAC award for excellence in applied energy research for his innovative efforts on non-intrusive detection of air leaks in compressed air systems. He has already published, or has under review, numerous papers relating to industrial energy efficiency and has maintained a 4.0 GPA during both his undergraduate and graduate studies.
  • Arash Edalatnoor (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis): Arash has participated on more assessments than any other student at IUPUI since the Center was founded in 2012. He has played an important role in developing curriculum for the school’s energy engineering undergraduate degree, which is targeted to receive general ABET accreditation in 2016. He refounded the Energy Club at IUPUI, which recruits energy experts from industry and academia to lecture at the school and was instrumental in growing the IAC from nine students in 2012 to nearly 30 today.


Outstanding IAC Engineering Student Awardees

  • Graduate Student - Dayakar Devaru (University of West Virginia) Dayakar has contributed to more than 100 energy-efficiency assessments; taken a lead role in mentoring and teaching his fellow students; has achieved a number of energy-related certifications; and has maintained a 4.0 GPA while fulfilling his graduate studies.
  • Undergraduate Student - Daniel Borgnakke (University of Michigan) Daniel has participated in more than 20 assessments, serving as lead student on 15, and has received the IAC award for excellence in applied energy-efficiency research for two consecutive years.
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