Tools Developed by DOE's Advanced Manufacturing Office

Technology Deployment

As part of the Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), there are various Technology Deployment activities that offer tools to improve energy efficiency, enhance environmental performance, and increase productivity of manufacturing plants. The focus is to improve systems—motors, steam, compressed air, combined heat and power, process heat—plant wide. Click here to access the tools developed by the Technology Deployment team that can enhance an IAC assessment.

Download the Steam System Scoping Tool (.zip)

Download the Steam System Assessment Tool (.zip)

Download the PHAST 3.0 Tool (FTP) (HTTP)

Download the MotorMaster+ 4.0 Tool (FTP) (HTTP)

Download the MotorMaster+International Tool (FTP) (HTTP)

The AMO steam program has released a publication to help industrial steam users improve steam system performance and access some practical guidelines and helpful resources. Improving Steam System Performance, a Sourcebook for Industry [PDF] offers valuable performance-enhancing information to both novice and experienced steam system managers.

IAC Database

The most comprehensive database of assessments from the IAC program! The database contains over 80,000 energy, waste and productivity recommendations from over 11,000 assessments conducted by the IAC program since 1982. The database interface was recently updated to provide an on-line interface, or users may download the original database files.

Implementation Tools

Units and Conversions Fact Sheet

This one page sheet was complied by the MIT energy club and contains most relevant unit conversions. [PDF]

State Incentives and Resources Database

Access to thousands of rebates, grants, loans, assessments and other incentives for implementation of energy savings projects in your plant! The State Incentives and Resource Database can help commercial and industrial managers seeking to make energy efficiency upgrades in their facilities find the financial and technical incentives, tools, and resources they need. Search the database for resources available in your area. [HTML]

IAC Operations Manual (Draft)

The IAC Operations Manual, drafted by Syracuse University, is constantly updated and any comments for the Syracuse team regarding this manual are welcome. [PDF]