In an effort to provide a mechanism for IAC-to-IAC student collaboration, we host a monthly IAC webinar series. The main purpose of these webinars is to offer a forum for open discussion and idea sharing amongst the IACs. The webinar topics focus on items that are relevant to day-to-day IAC operations; however, topics for some of the webinars also highlight new technologies and innovations. Different speakers and topics are featured each month. A listing of past webinars, along with the recording and associated presentation, can be found in the table below.

Title Description Link
Biokinetic Wastewater Assessment Tool

Dr. Larry Moore, professor in civil engineering at the University of Memphis, will present the bio-kinetic wastewater treatment facility tool that he has developed for use by the IACs.

Bio-Tiger Model Tool [XML]

Bio-Tiger Model User Manuel [PDF]

Facility Thermal Modeling using Matlab and Simulink

Ahmed Abdulaal, a recent alumnus from University of Miami IAC (MIIAC), presents how he employed the MIIAC data-logging capabilities in designing simulation models, which mimic the thermal loads of a facility.

Energy Savings Incentives

Lehigh University IAC students Abhinay Soanker, Nasser Vahedi, and Gregory Scott review available state, federal and utility company incentives and rebates.

DOE's 50001 Ready Navigator Introduction

Mike B. Muller, BSME, from Rutgers University leads a discussion on the DOE's new 50001 Ready Navigator online tool.

Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems

NCSU students Tucker Daniels and Corey Misenheimer discuss the research being done around Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems.

Interviewing and Resume Writing 101

Dawn King, Human Resources Manager at The Keller Group will talk about what to expect in an interview as well as offer tips for a resume that gets a response.

Addressing and Controlling Peak Demand

Allen Wu and Amin Amini from the IUPUI Industrial Assessment Center present their research on options for reducing peak demand.

Performing Collaborative IAC Assessments in Alaska

Travis Pruitt from the Boise State IAC along with Tyler Giddings, Megan O'Leary and Monica Heng from the Oregon State University IAC discuss their experience performing IAC assessments in Alaska.

DOE System Tools Overview and Future

Tom Wenning, ORNL Program Manager and IAC Student Activities Coordinator, provides an overview of the existing DOE tools(PHAST, PSAT, FSAT, AirMaster+, and SSMT) and discusses the tool redevelopment plan.

Energy Savings Opportunities in a Waste Water Treatment Facility

Amir Abolhassani, EIT, Hari Jammulamadaka, Vivek Komarina, and Koushik Mandlem from the West Virginia University IAC discuss experiences from their audits of waste water treatment facilities.

AIRMaster+ Analysis of Compressed Air Systems

Alabama IAC Students Forooza Samadi, Joseph Carpenter & Marc Sano present on the DOE’s AirMaster+ tool and the information they learned during a recent AIRMaster+ Qualified Specialist Training

Best Practices of Marketing your IAC

Bitul Sinha and Stephen Sidletsky from the San Francisco State University IAC will present the SFSU IACs marketing approach which they use to engage and recruit IAC clients.

Increasing Energy Efficiency of an Industrial Hydraulic System

Tom Blansett, Product Manager - Engineered Systems with Behco-MRM will discuss some of the areas to look at when evaluating an industrial hydraulic system to determine recommendations to improve efficiency.

Pneumatics Best Practices

Jon Jensen, Energy Conservation Group Manager for SMC Corporation of America and Past President of the International Fluid Power Society, discusses pneumatics best practices including keys of energy saving and monitoring flow and pressure.

Overview of Cogged V-Belts vs. Standard V-Belts

Chad Dunkel from the University of Idaho IAC leads a discussion of v-belts and motor efficiency where he gives an overview of some of the fundamental theory, results from an experimental set-up and some observations from site-visits.

New IAC Website Introduction and Overview - IAC.University

Mike Muller from Rutgers University demonstrates the new IAC.University site which will be replacing the current iac.rutgers.edu website.

The webinar recording, “New IAC Website Introduction and Overview - IAC.University.wmv”, has been uploaded to GoToWebinar. Please visit GoToWebinar to play it.

DOE’s Steam System Modeler tool

Mike Muller from Rutgers University will provide us with a demonstration and short tutorial on the DOE’s Steam System Modeler tool.

2015 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

Iowa State University IAC Students Kaustubh Gosavi and Maria Blanek share their experiences from the 2015 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) and some of the interesting “nuggets” of information they picked up from the various sessions they attended.

Pump Impeller Surface Treatment to Reduce Operating Cost

Boise State University IAC student Sean Rosin discusses the findings from the Boise State IAC Student Research Award project. This research examined improved performance when pump impellers were treated with super-hydrophobic coatings.

Energy Management using ISO 50001 and SEP

West Virginia University IAC students Amir Abolhassani and Chandana Chada, along with Dr. Ed Crowe, discuss energy management using ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance (SEP)

Efficiently Reducing Thermal Stratification at Small and Medium-Scale Industrial Facilities

Jillian Burgoyne, Michael Garrett and Nhan Phan from Syracuse University share the results of their IAC Student Research Award project which sought to develop a better understanding of the effects of thermal stratification and determine the optimal de-stratification strategy, based on fan orientation, number of fans, setup, and runtime.

The use of cloud storage for more effective communication between TTU IAC collaborators

Ian Swagerty and Anthony Taylor from the Tennessee Tech IAC discuss cloud information sharing amongst their IAC students

A Novel Method for Non-Intrusive Measurement of Compressed Air Leakage Flow Rates

Trevor Terrill will discuss the outcomes of the Student Research Award project that the Texas A&M IAC was awarded last year. The focus of this research proposal was on developing a novel, non-intrusive approach to measuring the airflow rate in a compressed air line.

Waste Heat Recovery Dr. Sachin Nimbalkar, R&D Staff, Manufacturing Systems Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will discuss Waste Heat Recovery from Industrial Process Heating Equipment. [WMV][PDF]
Rutgers Field Management Review Don Kasten, Technical Operations Manager, presents an overview of IAC field management operations. [WMV][PDF]
Syracuse University New Student Training Jillian Burgoyne discusses the new student training process developed by Syracuse in Webinar 4 of the IAC student-led webinar series. [WMV][PDF]
University of Dayton Baseline Analysis Alexandra Brogan discusses UD's Process for Baseline Analysis of Plant Data in Webinar 3 of the IAC student-led webinar series. [WMV][PDF]
University of Miami Data Collection Overview Joel Zahlan and Ahmad Seyfi discuss Power Logging in Webinar 2 of the IAC student-led webinar series. [WMV][PDF]
OSU Energy Efficiency Reference Tracie Tran Presents OSU's on-line reference tool in Webinar 1 of the IAC student-led webinar series. [WMV]
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